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Modest Mouse Lyrics

3 Inch Horses, Two Faced Monsters5-4-3-2-1... Lips Off
A Different CityA Life Of Arctic Sounds
A Life Of Arctic SoundsAll Night Diner
All Nite DinerAlone Down There
Austral OpithecusBaby Blue Sedan
Bankrupt On SellingBeach Side Property
Beta CaroteneBirds V. Worms
Black CadillacsBlame It On The Tetons
Bury Me With ItClassy Plastic Lumber
Convenient ParkingCowboy Dan
Custom ConcernDance Hall
Dark Center Of The UniverseDirty Fingernails
Doin' The CockroachDramamine
Duke's UpDukes Up
Edit The Sad PartsEvery Penny Fed 'ar
Exit Does Not ExistFloat On
Four Fingered FishermanFrom Point A To Point B
Fruit That Ate ItselfGravity Rides Everything
Grey Ice WaterGrey Ice Water
Head SouthHeart Cooks Brain
Here It ComesI Came As A Rat
I Came As A Rat (Long Walk Off A Short Dock)Interstate 8
Interstate 8It Always Rains On A Picnic
It Always Rains On A PicnicJesus Christ Was An Only Child
Karma 'SpaymentLife Like Weeds
LivesLong Distance Drunk
LoungeLounge (Closing Time)
Make Everyone Happy/Mechanical BirdsMedication
MedicationMice Eat Cheese
Mice Eat CheeseMight
Never Ending Math EquationNeverending Math Equation
Night On The SunNight On The Sun
Novocaine StainOcean Breathes Salty
OhioOne Chance
Other People's LivesOther People's Lives
Out Of GasPaper Thin Walls
Path Of Least ResistancePerfect Disguise
Polar OppositesSatin In A Coffin
Secret Angent X-9She Ionizes & Atomizes
Shit LuckSleepwalking
SleepwalkingSo Much Beauty In Dirt
Space Travel Is BoringStyrofoam Boots/It's All Nice On Ice
SummerSunspots In The House Of The Last Scapegoat
SwyTalking Shit About A Pretty Sunset
Teeth Like God's ShoeshineThe Cold Part
The Good Times Are Killing MeThe View
The WaydownThe World At Large
Think LongThird Planet
This Devil's WorkdayTiny Cities Made Of Ashes
Too Many Fiestas For ReubenTrailer Trash
Truckers AtlasTundra/Desert
Tundra/DesertWagon Ride Return
What People Are Made OfWhenever I Breath Out
Whenever I Breathe Out (Positive/Negative)Whenever You Breathe Out, I Brea
Wild Pack Of Family DogsWillful Suspension Of Disbelief
Workin' On Leavin' The Livin'Working On Leaving The Living
You're The Good ThingsYou're The Good Things (It's Alright To Die)
Your Life
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