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King Diamond Lyrics

"amon" Belongs To "them""loa" House
1642 ImprisonmentA Broken Spell
A Corpse Without SoulA Dangerous Meeting
A Mansion In DarknessA Secret
A Visit From The DeadAbigail
At The GravesBehind These Walls
Black DevilBlack Hill Sanitarium
Black HorsemenBurn
Bye Bye MissyCatacomb
Come HomeCome To The Sabbath
CremationCross Of Baron Samedi
Curse Of The PharaohsDaddy
Devil EyesDigging Graves
Doomed By The Living DeadDreams
Dressed In WhiteEastmann's Cure
EvilEye Of The Witch
Eye Of The WitchFather Bicard
Follow The WolfForeword
From The Other SideFuneral
HauntedHeads On The Wall
Help!!!House Of God
I AmI'm Not A Stranger
If They Only KnewInsanity
Into The ConventJust A Shadow
KillerLet It Be Done
LiesLife After Death
Louisiana DarknessLucy Forever
Lurking In The DarkMeet Me At Midnight
MoonlightMother's Getting Weaker
No Presents For ChristmasNuns Have No Fun
OmensOne Down Two To Go
Out From The AsylumPassage To Hell
Peace Of MindPhone Call
Room 17Salem
Sarah's NightSending Of Dead
Six Feet UnderSleep Tight Little Baby
Sleepless NightsSleepless Nights
Something WeirdTea
The 7th Day Of July 1777The Accusation Chair
The CandleThe Candle
The CurseThe Exorcist
The Family GhostThe Graveyard
The Invisible GuestsThe Jonah
The LakeThe Meetings
The PactThe Poltergeist
The PortraitThe Possession
The ShrineThe Spider's Lullabye
The Trees Have EyesThe Trial (chambre Ardente)
The Wedding DreamThem
This Place Is TerribleTo The Morgue
To Whom It May ConcernTo Whom It May Concern.
Trick Or TreatTwilight Symphony
Two Little GirlsUnclean Spirits
Up From The GraveUpon The Cross
WaitingWelcome Home
Welcome HomeWhispers
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Song King Diamond Lyrics.
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